The History of Communities

February 11th, 2011  |  Published in Uncategorized

In order to put women in communities in perspective, I was honored to present some geeky stuff at BlissDom! You can see my slides here but know that I had some pithy things to say about them. Really I did! (If you don’t believe me….well, just do, okay? Have I ever lied to you before?)

I’m working on some fascinating (at least to me) stats and trends regarding BlissDom in social media. So check back soon!


Win a copy of Twitterville

October 31st, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  3 Comments

I heard about the new book Twitterville a bit ago – I mean, really, if you hang out on Twitter at all, you are bound to have come across it in the past month or so. A few weeks ago, I got an email from the Final Blog Potomac organizers telling me that I’d get a copy of the book at the un-conference. Oh yay! Shel Israel would be speaking there, and he’d be signing books.

Cool. I was going to score a signed copy of Twitterville. Woot!

At the last minute, I decided to go to the pre-Blog Potomac happy hour. What the heck. And I met Shel. I could start now about how I feel about social media being a gateway drug… one that leads to in-person meetings but that’s a post for another time.

But what a nice guy. Okay, I know I sound surprised. Don’t mean to. It’s just that many business authors I’ve met have left me feeling a little… dismissed. You know what I mean?

Anyway, back to the point. Sorry.

I have a signed book to give away. To one of you. I am not kidding.

But first, you have to read The Social Studies Group’s (our sister company) statistical analysis of social mentions of the book for September and October 2009 to humor me. I have included charts, graphs and maps. I love this stuff.

It won’t hurt a bit.

Take me there…..

~ Wendy

Improve Your Social Life.

October 2nd, 2009  |  Published in redux, socialmedia, tools

Seriously? It’s October? How did this happen. There are two great things about October. 1) Today is my anniversary. Sixteen years of wedded bliss. And, 2) My birthday is in October. As if you couldn’t have guessed I was a Libra. And Librans strive for balance and harmony and are happiest when their environment is ordered and serene.

So in that vein, let’s talk some new tools that are worth knowing about for finding balance and harmony in managing your social life online:

Gist for managing your relationships.
GizaPage for managing your content.
Read It Later for managing your reading material.

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Eu não entendo.

June 26th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

Innovation in communication continues to soar. The more that we build and maintain our relationships and manage our lives online, the more we expect from our tools. (I know I do!) Thank goodness those smart developers continue to deliver… This week, we’re sharing three new, particularly innovative tools that we think you’ll be interested in trying.

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Sights, Sounds & Searches of Summer

June 11th, 2009  |  Published in redux

Sorry to disappoint, but this will not be about Wolfram Alpha or Bing; we’re going smaller, sleeker and savvier for summertime. Think bikinis, not wet suits. (Did I really write that?)

Finding alternative search engines that somehow escape the Internet spotlight is a bit of a passion for us. Moving right along… the sights, sounds and searches of (almost) summer…

Our latest Research Redux is ready for your reading pleasure!

Press lists.

May 28th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

If you love creating press lists, raise your hand!

Not so many, I see.

Fortunately, there are people out there trying to make those media relations jobs just a little bit easier.

If you’re on Twitter (and I bet you are), you can find tons of journalists, as you know. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a list so you could follow some pertinent people in case they ask for exactly what your client has to offer? Or to be there for them when they need help with something that doesn’t even pertain to you, but that would help build a nice relationship?

There is. My Creative Team Wiki has a Media People Using Twitter list. And while I am certain it’s not totally comprehensive, you just may find some people you didn’t have on your list already.

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Research & P.I.’s

May 26th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  9 Comments

Researchers like us sometimes feel like private investigators. We search, mine, dig for information that is not readily available. And then we summarize, analyze, and bring meaning to it.

Not so different from a P.I., right?

Well, there are some overlaps, perhaps. Way more similarities in my dreams than in reality, I might add. But it fascinates me and I try to keep up on the tools the P.I.’s are using because some are really useful to regular (la-dee-da) researchers like us. PI Buzz is one of the sites I keep in my feed. It’s my Perez Hilton.

Just thought I’d share.

Search Overload

May 16th, 2009  |  Published in demographics, Uncategorized  |  2 Comments

I write about search a lot. Let me clarify that. I write about what can be found with search, not the search itself. I write about techniques and tools.

So it will come as no surprise that I read a huge amount about new search technologies and new tools. A whole honkin’ lot. I used to crack up when I ‘d hear people say honkin’ in my MidWest days :) But I digress.

Suffice it to say, I read a lot about search.

In the past several weeks, I have seen about a kabillion articles about Wolfram/Alpha – a “computational knowledge engine.” You think I’m exaggerating? Maybe a little, but here are some highlights: Note that this is a small percentage of the stories out there, these are all from this week, and the Google Stories all pin them against W/A. Oh my!

One Man’s Answer Newsweek

Wolfram Alpha Is Live!! Digital Media Online

New “Search Engine” WolframAlpha Testlaunched Last Night

What Exactly is Wolfram Alpha?

Wolfram Alpha is live; give us your impressions CNET News

Wonky Wolfram|Alpha Best Left to the Geek Clique E-Commerce Times

Wolfram/Alpha launches: Can it break out of niche-ville? ZDNet

Wolfram Alpha is ready for you to try CrunchGear

WolframAlpha is now live! Gadget news and reviews

Today’s webtip: see history unfold

Wolfram Alpha Goes Live, But Not As Exciting As Would Have Expected

Wolfram Alpha Opening Delayed but now launched

New Web tool wolframalpha launches test run

Wolfram Alpha Launch Webcast Tonight 7 PM CST May 15, 2009

Buzz Out Loud 975: Beauty is in the eye of the Boholder 1000

Wolfram Alpha Launch Webcast Tonight 7 PM CST May 15, 2009

Wolfram|Alpha: The Un-Google

Putting Wolfram Alpha To The Test: Not Super-Impressed (But Here TechCrunch

Wolfram|Alpha Prepares for Launch

Real-time search: the next big thing Brand Republic

New search engine to go live

Is Wolfram Alpha the new answer to Google?

Will Google outage force users to other search engines?

Google Confirms Disruptions to News, Gmail, Search PC Magazine

Google suffers major failure Computerworld

Wolfram Alpha to Launch Friday Evening MIT Technology Review

Wary Google Announces New Search Tools

How Wolfram Alpha Compares to Google, Wikipedia

Wolfram|Alpha Unbox

Wolfram Alpha to Launch Live on Mashable

Wolfram Alpha review

Read all ‘Innovation & entrepreneurship’ posts in Cutting Edge CNET News

Google Squared and Wolfram Alpha

Jon Honeyball [PC Pro]

Google Search Gets Smarter

Google Introduces New Filters, Refine Search Results

Google Search Evolves – But Has Google Finally Lost its Core Focus? ReadWriteWeb

Hulbee search engine targets Google

Dell-Powered Supercomputer to Boost Web for Wolfram Alpha Launch

Wolfram/Alpha details engine’s computing power

Smarter Search with WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alpha to Run On Supercomputers PC Magazine

Physicist Set to Unveil ‘WolframAlpha’ Web Site, a New Kind of

Wolfram Alpha gets supercomputer boost

Wolfram Alpha Opens for Searching On May 18th

Search Insider Summit: The Future Of Search Engines

Wolfram|Alpha To Be Launched On 18 May

Wolfram Alpha and other ways to enhance database journalism Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard

New software system expected to bring revolutionary change to Internet

J’accuse: ‘Flimkien… Direzzjon’, Cut & Paste

Creating A Mind-Monster Is Harder Than It Looks

I felt so bombarded that I vowed not to write about it.  But today, the highly respected Gary Price of Resourceshelf sent out a brief description and a link to his mini-users-guide and I realized that I was being stubborn (imagine that).

So I’ve given in. Sold out.

I have to admit (reluctantly) that Wolfram Alpha really may be the best thing since sliced bread. Try it (everyone else is). It’s pretty honkin’ amazing.

Go look and take a few minutes and watch the W/A screencast.

Need a Nag?

May 7th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  1 Comment

When we wrote about this site last month in our newsletter, it was a hit!

So, just in time for Mother’s Day, we thought we’d repost for those who missed it the first time…

This cracked us up. HassleMe. Not drinking enough water? Forgot to call your mother? Need a little help keeping out of the dog house? Tell the nice folks at HassleMe what to bug you about, and they’ll nag you via email at semi-unpredictable intervals. Nagging. Just like Mama used to do.

How Personality Can Predict Media Usage

May 4th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

We’ve known for a long time that demographics and syndicated media usage studies alone are not enough to understand consumers. This article from AdAge This article suggests that personality tests can be an effective prediction tool for media usage.

In a time when media usage is consistently shifting and is being used simultaneously, in short spurts, and for different objectives, this might be worth watching.

Worth a read.